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Garden Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of services to achieve a high quality design. Our services are for both residential and commercial property and include:

  • General garden maintenance of your property including - mowing of lawns, path clearance, tree surgery, pruning and weeding.
  • Landscape Gardening, including - Detailed soft and hard garden design, plants placement and selection, border design and more
  • Hard Landscape gardening in your property - We provide a professional service in installing ponds and water features, construction of pat ways, construction of patios, construction of fencing and more.
  • Professional Garden Design- A dedicated design service to change or implement a brand new design for your garden.

We have served many customers over the years to service gardens and many of our customers return to us for further work on their property. We strive towards ensuring customer satisfaction and as a result, we have developed strong business growth as a result of customer recommendation.